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What was the name of Johnny Drama's first film festival, where he was 'the toast of the town'?
Who was signed on to direct Aquaman 2?
What is the name of the actress Vince has sex with in her Jimmy Kimmel dressing room?
Which version of 'CSI:' did Drama audition for in season one?
The two films Billy Walsh said were 'my', in reference to Queen's Boulevard
What is Andrew Klein's wife called?
Why did Colin Farrell never make Matterhorn?
Name the girl Drama meets in Cannes
What is Billy Walsh's porn director alias?
In 'The Dream Team' episode, what is the name of the book for which Billy is writing a sceen adaptation for Vince to star in?
What is the name of Ari's fat friend who makes $45 million on
In the episode 'The Abyss', where do Ari and Lloyd temporarily have an office?
What was the name of the reporter who threatens to 'drown Aquaman'?
Name another member of the 'Pussy Patrol', excluding Jesse Jane
Where does Dana Gordon correctly say where she and Ari had sex?

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