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Walk Like An Egyptian–Part 1The introductory song
Walk Like An Egyptian–Part 2Sung to calm the scarabs
Walk Like An Egyptian–Part 2The only reprise of the season
Super Happy Crazy Fun Time JapanSung... while falling to their death
Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do BetterDespite an awkward situation, Bridgette must still sing
Broadway, Baby!First song about the actual location of the episode
Aftermath: Bridgette Over Troubled WaterHarold's ode-turned-rap to Leshawna
Aftermath: Bridgette Over Troubled WaterBridgette tries to get back with Geoff
Slap Slap RevolutionTo prevent a 'songalanche' contestants must sing quietly
The Am-AH-Zon RaceOnly Team Amazon sings this song
Can't Help Falling in LourveSierra's big song
Newf Kids on the RockDJ actually gets TRICKED into singing due to this song being so catchy
Jamaica Me SweatOwen's farewell song to Izzy
Aftermath: Revenge of the TelethonSung to help raise money for Total Drama
Aftermath: Revenge of the TelethonLeshawna's warning to Alejandro
I See London...Who has to *ahem* search the Royal Guard?
Greece's PiecesDuncan & Gwen's duet
The Ex-FilesCourtney is not happy with Gwen
Picnic at Hanging RockRockin' song about a non-exciting task
Sweden SourABBA would be proud
Aftermath AftermayhemGeoff gets his revenge against his co-host
Niagra BrawlsThe new contestant introduces herself... 'Fergalicious' style
Chinese Fake OutOnly segmented song, Chris 'helps' even
African Lying SocietyIt isn't that easy to sing when recovering from tranquilizers
Rapa-phooey!The Final 4 all get their part when facing the challenge
Awww, DrumhellerAlejandro's epic song (complete with hand puppet)!
Hawaiian Style'Is it Heather, Alejandro, or will you pick Cody?'
Hawaiian StyleCourtney, Harold & Owen support their picks during a challenge
Planes, Trains, Hot Air MobilesSung while the Final 3 try to reach Hawaii
Hawaiian PunchDuel song between Alejandro & Heather

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