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DescriptionAbilitySample Pokemon
Power up moves of the same typePorygon-Z, Eevee
Damages the foe landing the finishing hitStunky, Drifblim, Skuntank
Eliminates the effect of WeatherRayquaza
Raises Attack upon taking a Critical HitMankey, Primeape, Tauros
Senses the foe's dangerous movesWhiscash, Toxicroak, Wormadam-S
Prevents the foe from fleeingTrapinch, Dugtrio, Diglett
Reduces a Sleeping foe's HPDarkrai
The Pokemon is protected against Critical HitsArmaldo, Anorith, Kabuto
Powers up Fire-type moves in a pinchChimchar, Quilava, Charmander
Boosts the Pokemon's speed in SunshineSunkern, Skiploom, Victreebel
Prevents the Pokemon's stats from being loweredMetang, Tentacool, Regirock
Elimintates the effects of WeatherPsyduck, Golduck
Changes the Pokemon's type to the foe's moveKecleon
The Pokemon's Accuracy is boostedNincada, Venonat, Butterfree
Contact with the Pokemon may cause InfatuationClefable, Cleffa, Lopunny
Prevents combatants from Self-DestructingPsyduck, Politoed, Golduck
Adjusts power according to the foe's abilityPorygon2, Porygon-Z, Porygon
The Pokemon makes it Rain if it appears in battleKyogre
The Pokemon makes it Sunny if it is in battleGroudon
Reduces HP if it is Hot. Water restores HPToxicroak, Croagunk, Paras
The Pokemon awakens quickly from SleepXatu, Ledyba, Dodrio
Contact may Paralyze, Poison, or cause SleepParasect, Breloom, Shroomish
Powers down Super-Effective movesMr. Mime, Mime Jr.
Contact with the Pokemon may Burn the foeMagmortar, Slugma, Magmar
Powers up Fire-type moves if hit by a Fire moveVuplix, Heatran, Growlithe
Powers up party Pokemon when it is SunnyCherrim
The Pokemon transforms with the WeatherCastform
Determines what moves the foe hasHypno, Drowzee, Smoochum
The Pokemon can check the foe's held ItemShuppet, Stantler, Banette
Encourages the early use of a held BerryLinoone, Shuckle, Zigzagoon
Boosts Attack if there is a status problemMakuhita, Machamp, Swellow
Weakens the power of Fire-type movesBronzor, Bronzong
The Pokemon may gather Honey from somewhereCombee
Raises the Pokemon's Attack statAzurill, Azumarill, Marill
Boosts the Attack stat, but lowers AccuracyCorsola, Togetic, Remoraid
Heals status problems if it is RainingSeel, Manaphy, Dewgong
Prevents the Attack stat from being loweredKrabby, Gliscor, Gligar
The Pokemon regains HP in a HailstormSpheal, Glalie, Sealeo
Raises the likelihood of meeting Wild PokemonStarmie, Staryu, Lanturn
Prevents the Pokemon from getting PoisonedSnorlax, Zangoose
The Pokemon is protected from FlinchingCrobat, Glalie, Zubat
DescriptionAbilitySample Pokemon
Prevents the Pokemon from falling AsleepHypno, Honchkrow, Banette
Lowers the foe's Attack statArbok, Arcanine, Salamence
Boosts the power of punching movesHitmonchan
Prevents the Pokemon from losing AccuracyStarly, Pidgeot, Pidgey
The Pokemon can't use any held ItemsLopunny, Buneary
Prevents status problems in Sunny WeatherSkiploom, Jumpluff, Hoppip
Gives full immunity to all Ground-type movesSolrock, Gengar, Claydol
The Pokemon draws in all Electric-type movesRhyperior, Rhyhorn, Electrike
The Pokemon is protected from ParalysisPersian, Hitmonlee, Glameow
Inflicts damage on foes using any draining moveTentacool, Swalot, Gulpin
The Pokemon only takes damage from attacksClefairy, Cleffa, Clefable
Prevents the Pokemon from becoming FrozenCamerupt, Slugma, Magcargo
Prevents Steel-type Pokemon from escapingProbopass, Magnezone, Nosepass
Boosts Defense if there is a status problemMilotic
Boosts Special Attack in another Pokemon has PlusMinun
Moves can be used regardless of AbilitiesPinsir, Rampardos, Cranidos
Raises Speed if hit by an Electric-type moveElectivire
Changes type to match the held PlateArceus
All status problems are healed upon switching outHappiny, Corsola, Chansey
Ensures the Pokemon and its foe's attacks landMachoke, Machamp, Machop
All the Pokemon's moves become the Normal typeDelcatty, Skitty
Prevents the Pokemon from becoming InfatuatedJynx, Licktitung, Slowpoke
Powers up Grass-type moves in a pinchTreecko, Torterra, Grovyle
Prevents the Pokemon from becoming ConfusedSlowbro, Lickilicky, Grumpig
The Pokemon may pick up ItemsZigzagoon, Linoone, Phanpy
Boosts Special Attack if another Pokemon has MinusPlusle
Restores HP if the Pokemon is PoisonedShroomish, Breloom
Contact with the Pokemon may Poison the foeRoserade, Nidoking, Budew
The Pokemon raises the foe's PP usageEntei, Ho-oh, Spiritomb
Boosts the power of physical attacksMedicham, Meditite
Boosts Speed if there is a status problemUrsaring, Granbull, Poochyena
The Pokemon gradually recovers HP in RainLotad, Ludicolo, Lombre
Powers up moves that have recoil damageHitmonlee
Raises Attack if the foe is of the same genderNidorina, NidoranF, Nidoking
Protects the Pokemon from recoil damageLairon, Marowak, Aerodactyl
Inflicts damage to the foe on contactSharpedo, Carvanha
Enables sure getaway from Wild PokemonEevee, Raticate, Poochyena
The Pokemon summons a Sandstorm in battleHippowdon, Tyranitar, Hippopotas
Boosts the Pokemon's Evasion in a SandstormCacnea, Gliscor, Sandshrew
Enables moves to hit Ghost-type foesMiltank, Kangaskhan
Boosts the likelihood of added effects appearingJirachi, Dunsparce, Togetic
DescriptionAbilitySample Pokemon
Prevents the foe from escapingWobbuffet, Wynaut
The Pokemon may heal its own status problemSeviper, Cascoon, Kricketot
The Pokemon is protected against Critical HitsOmastar, Kingler, Camperl
Blocks the added effects of attacks takenVenomoth, Wurmple, Dustox
The Pokemon is prone to wild stat changesBidoof, Numel, Bibarel
Increases the frequency of multi-strike movesShellder, Cloyster
Temporarily halves Attack and SpeedRegigigas
Powers up moves if they become Critical HitsSkorupi, Kingdra, Remoraid
Raises Evasion in a HailstormMamoswine, Glaceon, Swinub
The Pokemon summons a Hailstorm in battleAbomasnow, Snover
Boosts Special Attack, but lowers HP in SunshineSunflora, Sunkern, Tropius
Powers down Super-Effective movesCamerupt, Rhyperior
Gives full immunity to all sound-based movesMime Jr., Electrode, Voltorb
The Pokemon's Speed stat is gradually boostedYanmega, Ninjask, Yanma
The Pokemon moves after even slower foesSableye
Contact with the Pokemon may cause ParalysisFlaafy, Ampharos, Raichu
Raises Speed each time the Pokemon flinchesLucario, Gallade, Riolu
Decreases the likelihood of meeting Wild PokemonStunky, Muk, Skuntank
Protects the Pokemon from Item theftGrimer, Muk, Shellos
The Pokemon draws in all Water-type movesGastrodon, Lumineon, Shellos
The Pokemon is protected against 1-hit KO attacksGeodude, Magneton, Bonsly
Negates moves that force switching outCradiley, Lileep, Octillery
Heightens the Critical Hit ratios of movesHonchkrow, Murkrow, Absol
Powers up Bug-type moves in a pinchHeracross, Beedrill, Scyther
Boosts the Pokemon's Speed in RainHorsea, Finneon, Gorebyss
Passes on a Burn, Poison, or Paralysis to the foeKirlia, Espeon, Mew
Raises Evasion if the Pokemon is ConfusedChatot, Pidgey, Pidgeot
Powers up the Pokemon's weaker movesMeowth, Scyther, Smeargle
Raises resistance to Fire- and Ice-type movesMakuhita, Snorlax, Spoink
Powers up 'Not Very Effective' movesVenomoth, Illumise, Venonat
Powers up Water-type moves in a pinchTotodile, Piplup, Croconaw
The Pokemon copies the foe's AbilityPorygon2, Kirlia, Ralts
The Pokemon can't attack on consecutive turnsSlaking, Slakoth
Ignores any change in ability by the foeBidoof, Bibarel
Raises Speed if a held Item is usedDrifblim, Drifloon
Prevents the Pokemon from falling AsleepPrimeape, Mankey, Delibird
Restores HP if hit by an Electric-type moveChinchou, Jolteon, Lanturn
Restores HP if hit by a Water-type movePoliwag, Quagsire, Lapras
Prevents the Pokemon from getting a BurnWailmer, Wailord, Seaking
Prevents the Pokemon's stats from being loweredTorkoal
Only Super-Effective moves will hitShedinja

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