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Can you name the movies by the actors who portrayed a father and child in it?

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Father & ChildMovie
Robert De Niro & Bradley Cooper
Dennis Quaid & Jake Gyllenhaal
Nicolas Cage & Chloƫ Grace Moretz
Willem Dafoe & James Franco
Bruce Willis & Liv Tyler
John C. Reilly & Ezra Miller
Liam Neeson & Maggie Grace
Nick Nolte & Tom Hardy
Marlon Brando & Al Pacino
Tom Hanks & Haley Joel Osment
Christopher Walken & Rachel McAdams
Dennis Hopper & Christian Slater
Crispin Glover & Michael J. Fox
Harvey Keitel & Juliette Lewis
James Caan & Will Ferrell
Gene Hackman & Ben Stiller
Father & ChildMovie
Keith Richards & Johnny Depp
Eugene Levy & Jason Biggs
Jeff Daniels & Jesse Eisenberg
Kevin Spacey & Thora Birch
Christopher Walken & Leonardo Di Caprio
Michael Douglas & Kate Hudson
Richard Harris & Joaquin Phoenix
Mel Gibson & Heath Ledger
Raul Julia & Christina Ricci
Sean Connery & Harrison Ford
Greg Kinnear & Abigail Breslin
Michael Caine & Mike Myers
Will Smith & Jaden Smith
Hugo Weaving & Liv Tyler
Pete Postlethwaite & Daniel Day-Lewis
Albert Finney & Billy Crudup

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