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Upon hearing that his body has not been found after a three-day search of the river, Parsons smiles while he is shown swimming away in the East River. 
In Lake Como, Mr. White receives a phone call, and is shot in the leg when he answers. The shooter strolls into his path holding a machine gun, and introduces himself. 
Some time later, they recover the microfilm containing a half-century of state secrets, including who actually killed John F. Kennedy. 
He gives his partner a symbolic gift: an unfired hollow-point bullet which he had been saving to commit suicide, as he does not need it anymore. 
The entire family dances on the porch and sings 'Pick a Bale of Cotton'; Navin dances along, now having gained perfect rhythm. 
The two unknowingly decline the chance to be oil boys for a group of bikini girls. They then play a friendly game of tag as they continue to walk back home. 
Exasperated, Jerry removes his wig and shouts, 'I'm a man!' Osgood simply responds, 'Well, nobody's perfect.' 
He finds his spirits lifted by his fellow sufferers, who break into song with 'Always Look on the Bright Side of Life.' 
He internally reflects upon the nature of hell, comparing it to the city which he is in, and prays that he doesn't die. His ultimate fate is left unknown. 
Forced out of his gangster life, Henry now has to face living in the real world. He narrates: 'I'm an average nobody. I get to live the rest of my life like a schnook'. 
Tom returns home, the atmosphere is tense and silent as the family sits around the dinner table. His marriage and life as Tom Stall are uncertain. His children then indicate their acceptance by passing him some food. 
The police in the bushes open fire and riddle them with bullets. Hamer and his posse then come out of hiding, looking pensively at the couple's bodies. 
At a gas station, a boy takes a Polaroid photograph of her which she purchases— the same photograph that John will give to Kyle. 
They surface and witness the other pods ascending one by one. Thus begins Year One on Tanis, with 1,213 survivors from the original 60,000 humans. 
'I'll be right here,' pointing his glowing finger to his forehead. He then boards the spaceship, and it takes off, leaving a rainbow in the sky as everyone watches it leave. 
She abandons Caleb within the locked facility, indicating that she emotionally manipulated him all along. She then escapes to the outside world. 
Meanwhile, at the dentist's office, the high-tech filter breaks down and the Tank Gang escapes into the harbor, belatedly realizing they are still confined to their plastic bags. 
The spirits of Seita and Setsuko are seen healthy, well-dressed and happy as they sit together. The two of them are looking down on the modern city of Kobe. 
They marry in the swamp and leave on their honeymoon while the rest celebrate by singing 'I'm a Believer'. 
As she steps into the moonlight, she transforms into hundreds of butterflies, presumably finding peace. 
The elevator door closes and the last thing seen is Jonah's beaming smile as he realises his and Jessica's plan to bring Annie and his father together has worked. 
She gives him a pen, asking him to write to her in England. Lloyd escorts Diane, who is afraid of flying, on her flight. 
He leaps from the white limo and 'rescues her'; a visual urban metaphor for the knight on a white horse rescuing the princess, fulfilling her childhood fantasy. 
Hazel lies on her back on her lawn looking up at the stars, smiling as she remembers Augustus and says 'Okay.' 
Two days later the team would go on to defeat Finland 4–2 to win the gold medal. Brooks stares out over his team with pride as the entire team crowds together on the gold medal platform. 
They embrace and profess their love to each other, not caring about the result of the fight. 
He climbs the top rope for his signature finishing move, a diving headbutt called the 'Ram Jam'. In tears, he salutes the crowd and leaps from the ropes. 
Crash tells her that he is thinking about becoming a manager for a minor-league team. They then dance in Annie's candle-lit living room. 
In a new hideout, an abandoned factory, it is revealed that he has removed the back of Darry's head and taken his eyes. 
The 'corpse' rises and is revealed to be the killer. He zaps Adam and then turns off the lights and seals the bathroom door, leaving him to die. 
Seeing Tristana eating Pablo, she panics, trips and drops the camera. The camera continues to record as Ángela is dragged into the darkness screaming. 
While he sits in a holding cell, his mother's voice is heard protesting the murders, claiming that she 'wouldn't even harm a fly'. 
In a classroom in a Soweto township in South Africa, anti-apartheid activist and future South African President Nelson Mandela quotes one of his speeches. 
Whilst leaving the auditorium in Stockholm, he sees Charles, Marcee, and Parcher standing to one side, still watching him. 
Years later, Kyle says goodbye to his wife and family as he leaves in good spirits to spend time with a veteran at a shooting range. 
He lies down on his back in bed, imitating a sleeping child in a picture on his wall, and dies in his sleep. He is consoled by a vision of his mother, who quotes Lord Tennyson’s “Nothing Will Die'. 

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And now we can forever shame those letters for ruining everything.
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