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Can you name the Actors only movie, which begins with the corresponding letter?

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(A) Edward Norton
(B) Harrison Ford
(C) Jamie Foxx
(D) Ryan Gosling
(E) Shia LaBeouf
(F) Tom Hanks
(G) Ben Kingsley
(H) Adam Sandler
(I) Leonardo Di Caprio
(J) Michael Cera
(K) Robert Downey Jr.
(L) Bradley Cooper
(M) Eric Bana
(N) John Heder
(O) Robert De Niro
(P) Arnold Schwarzenegger
(Q) Daniel Craig
(R) Quentin Tarantino
(S) Jake Gyllenhaal
(T) Denzel Washington
(U) Clint Eastwood
(V) Hugh Jackman
(W) Johnny Depp
(X) Vin Diesel
(Y) Jim Carrey
(Z) Owen Wilson

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