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Can you name the one and only movie these actors and directors have worked together on?

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David Fincher
Morgan Freeman 
Michael Douglas 
Daniel Craig 
Jodie Foster 
Robert Downey Jr. 
The Coen Brothers
Nicolas Cage 
Brad Pitt 
Matt Damon 
Tom Hanks 
Tommy Lee Jones 
Martin Scorsese
Jack Nicholson 
Tom Cruise 
Sacha Baron Cohen 
Cate Blanchett 
Cameron Diaz 
Christopher Nolan
Al Pacino 
Leonardo Di Caprio 
Scarlett Johansson 
Guy Pearce 
Katie Holmes 
Clint Eastwood
Sean Penn 
Angelina Jolie 
Kevin Costner 
Leonardo Di Caprio 
Hilary Swank 
Quentin Tarantino
Robert De Niro 
John Travolta 
Brad Pitt 
Lucy Liu 
Kurt Russell 
Steven Spielberg
Ralph Fiennes 
Catherine Zeta Jones 
Sean Connery 
Eric Bana 
Julia Roberts 
Tim Burton
Alec Baldwin 
Ewan Mcgregor 
Mark Wahlberg 
Bill Murray 
Christina Ricci 
Ridley Scott
Harrison Ford 
Josh Hartnett 
Denzel Washington 
Susan Sarandon 
Sigourney Weaver 

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