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Can you name each actresses' movies by the negative reviews they received?

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Scarlett Johansson
A tedious, vanity piece. The only thing I got from it is that Tokyo is really dull. 
This is a futuristic thriller about cloning, which is ironic as it's a clone of half a dozen much better, less idiotic sci-fi films. 
Glacial in pace, skeletal in plot and generally just weird. Nothing more than art-house nonsense. 
Amy Adams
Casting Christian Bale as an overweight, balding, Bronx Jew makes about as much sense as casting Woody Allen as a Baptist minister from Alabama. 
You'll believe a man can frown. A lot...Surely this should have been fun? 
A sugary, rather unmagical family movie covered in a cellophane shrink-wrap of corporate Disney plastic-ness. 
Kate Winslet
As Peter Pan might have put it, an awfully small, bland adventure. 
Think of the magnificently entertaining film Outbreak, and then take out the drama, excitement, and involving characters. 
From the director of American Beauty comes another empty, fake-meaningful tale of how rotten it is in the suburbs. 
Charlize Theron
Just like Theron's physical appearance, this is a mess. 
Two hours of noisy, non-stop, mindless action scenes that are more exhausting and monotonous than exhilarating. 
Keanu Reeves as a lawyer?..Simply hilarious. 
Reese Witherspoon
Obvious Oscar bait. You'd get more enjoyment trekking 1,000 humorless miles yourself. 
A bland and formulaic movie that ends up going down, down, down in a burning ring of fire. 
A lame, trashy teenage soap opera. Watch Dangerous Liaisons again and save yourself the trouble. 
Naomi Watts
Overlong by half, hedonistically animated and decadently self-indulgent. It's beastly to be sure, but there is little beauty here. 
A movie for either people much smarter than me who can figure it all out, or for people easily amused by striking imagery and oddball characters. 
Generic and predictable. If the cholera doesn't get you, the dialogue will. 
Anne Hathaway
$150 million tossed down the rabbit hole with this utterly disposable, CGI snooze fest. 
A frustratingly flawed film that reaches for the stars but winds up lost in space. 
It uses the old TV show merely as a springboard for a conventional comedy-action movie that's loud, frenetic and, ultimately, dumb. 
Nicole Kidman
A poor 'Gone With the Wind' imitation. When even a semi-nude Jude Law can't save a movie, it's time to go direct to DVD. 
It suffers from an easily predicted 'twist' ending that spoils the chill factor. 
Watching this film nearly provoked me to take my own life. And, if I was forced to watch it again, I just might. 
Cate Blanchett
As joyless as its predecessors were blissful. Possibly the worst ever Steven Spielberg popcorn flick. 
Dark, depressing and lacking in excitement. You know a movies bad if it makes you long for Kevin Costner. 
A long, uneventful film that offers a safe and sanitized view of life and death. It's a bad Forrest Gump goes backwards. 

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