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QUIZ: Can you name each actor's movies by the negative reviews they received?

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Will Smith
Much like an actual first date; it's awkward, uncomfortable and not very much fun at all. 
A poor '28 Days Later' rip-off, only instead of zombies, we now have weird, bald, CGI vampire type things. 
How is it possible to make a dull movie about one of the most interesting people on the planet? 
Al Pacino
Characterization and plot go out the window. Arms are cut off with chain saws. Basically, it's an out of control mess. 
As it lumbers past the two-and-a-half hour mark, you may well find yourself calling for a time-out, or even praying for sudden death. 
A schmaltzy, turgid and wholly predictable piece of formulaic hack work. HOO-AH! 
Robert Downey Jr.
A character known for his supreme intelligence and logical reasoning should not be trapped in such a dumb film. 
Objection! It's cheesy, full of clich├ęs and rife with awkward family-togetherness moments. 
Just like 'Planes, Trains and Automobiles' but without the humor, entertainment value and heart. 
Harrison Ford
A movie seemingly made for toddlers. Seriously..Burp jokes and little teddy bears? What a sell-out. 
Drab, plodding and super dull. I didn't need to count any Electric Sheep to help put me to sleep. 
What's next, the Lone Ranger and Tonto take on the Body Snatchers? 
Ewan McGregor
Camp, garish, loud and as dumb as a box of Rockettes. It will leave you feeling as worn-out as a grandmother at a rave. 
As there is no character development, it is difficult to care about anybody in the story. It's essentially just one big, boring, chaotic battle scene. 
The hokum and syrupy story will wear you down worse than the tsunami. 
Matt Damon
You may wish that you had amnesia just like the lead protagonist, that way at least you'd forget this dud of a film. 
Too often, Damon resembles a besotted, school boy who's chasing his crush, not at recess, but in the Matrix. 
Uninspired and bland compared to previous efforts. The Coens should stick to their own original material in the future. 
Morgan Freeman
Depressing beyond belief. It's anti-hope, anti-family, pro euthanasia and painfully manipulative. 
How can a movie which features Angelina Jolie's bare backside be so vile, ugly and unpleasant? 
Grim, dark and far too long. It definitely didn't put a smile on my face. 
Edward Norton
The single take gimmick is everything that's wrong with this film; it's pretentious, conceited and ultimately, pointless. 
Malkovich's Oreo-eating, lisping Russian Mafia guy is one of the most ridiculous movie characters ever. Seriously. 
Like the films title, the running time of this preachy, bore actually felt like it dragged on slightly longer than a day. 
Dustin Hoffman
Perhaps the most overrated film ever. Needless to say, I wasn't seduced. 
Bombastically boring and actually kind of creepy. No amount of pixie dust will make this movie take off. 
Its ultimate sin is that it takes child sexual abuse, a subject that shouldn't be toyed with, and uses it as the impetus for a trifling revenge play. 

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