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Can you name the movie these actresses and actors have starred in together?

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Helena Bonham Carter
Colin Firth 
Mark Wahlberg 
Brad Pitt 
Robert De Niro 
Ewan McGregor 
Cate Blanchett
Harrison Ford 
Keanu Reeves 
Leonardo DiCaprio 
Chris Hemsworth 
Owen Wilson 
Keira Knightley
Mark Ruffalo 
James McAvoy 
Steve Carell 
Clive Owen 
Donald Sutherland 
Sigourney Weaver
Shia LaBeouf 
Joaquin Phoenix 
Bill Paxton 
Simon Pegg 
Sam Worthington 
Drew Barrymore
Hugh Grant 
Bill Murray 
Jake Gyllenhaal 
Skeet Ulrich 
Rob Schneider 
Kate Winslet
Jack Black 
Johnny Depp 
Geoffrey Rush 
Jim Carrey 
Billy Zane 
Frances McDormand
William H. Macy 
Billy Crudup 
Sam Rockwell 
Richard Gere 
Gene Hackman 
Rachel McAdams
Channing Tatum 
Ryan Gosling 
Michael Keaton 
Vince Vaughn 
Cillian Murphy 
Catherine Zeta-Jones
Jude Law 
Michael Douglas 
Tom Hanks 
Sean Connery 
Matt Damon 

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