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APato has been the national sport of this country since 1953.
BThis country is famous for different flavors of beer, chocolates and waffles.
CKhmer is the official language of this country.
DLEGO was invented and is manufactured in this country.
EThe only country in the world with 13 months.
FThe mobile company Nokia was founded in this country.
GThis country has more than 16.5 million tourists visiting each year, more than the country's entire population.
HHome to Lake Balaton, the largest lake in Central Europe.
IChess is said to have originated in this country.
JThis country is the largest automobile producer in the world.
KThe largest landlocked country in the world.
LThis country's flag used to be solid green.
MTraditionally, people from this country eat couscous on Friday.
NThe Lord of the Rings films were filmed here.
OTourists weren't allowed to enter this country until the early 1990's.
PA defense treaty was signed in the capital of this country during the Cold War.
QThis country has been chosen as the host of the 2022 FIFA World Cup.
RThe country is infamous for its genocide in 1994, which killed 20% of the country's total population.
SThis country is composed of 63 islands.
TLocated in both Asia and Europe, this country has coasts on the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea.
UHome to the world's tallest roller coaster.
V'Dong' is the currency used in this country.
YMocha coffee beans originated in this country.
ZCountry formerly known as Rhodesia.

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