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Don't know what a slide rule is for? No problem! Replace these artists' names with one of their song titles to solve each 'equation' (please read 'HOW TO PLAY' first)

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The Cars + Gnarls Barkley = Prince And The RevolutionAnswer is the second #1 hit from Purple Rain
Led Zeppelin + Madonna = Chuck BerryWhere Led Zep uses 'And', this answer substitutes '&'
Santana + Fiona Apple = Alien Ant Farm...and Alien Ant Farm = Michael Jackson
James Brown minus '(...)' + Styx = Sonny & Cher'(...)' = '(I Feel Good)'
The Champs + Norah Jones = EaglesOther than its title, The Champs' hit has no lyrics
Pretenders + Fastball = Peter FramptonFrampton's follow-up hit has the same final word as this answer
Chubby Checker minus 'The' + 'And' + Tears For Fears = The Isley BrothersThe Beatles' cover of this answer is a bigger hit
Patsy Cline + Bruce Springsteen = MadonnaSpringsteen song is a relatively obscure one from his 1973 debut
Beastie Boys + '&' + The Beatles = BlurOpposites attract (bop-bop-shoo-wop!)
Foo Fighters minus 'You' + Paul McCartney & Wings = The Emotions...and The Emotions = Eagles
Elton John + Coldplay = DonovanThis answer rhymes!
Pink Floyd + Bobby Goldsboro = Bay City RollersThis answer rhymes, too!
Better Than Ezra + Minnie Riperton minus 'You' = The Young RascalsAnswer has been covered by The Grateful Dead, Bobby McFerrin and many others
Jonathan Edwards + 'Of' + The Outfield = CreamAnswer shares a word with the biggest hit of an 80s band led by Katrina Leskanich
Commodores + 'The' + U2 = OrleansShania Twain has a big hit with a similar name
Phantom Planet + Blondie minus 'g' = The Mamas & The PapasBoth words of this answer could be described as states
Bad Company = Roberta Flack2 different 1970s Top 10 hits, same 4-word answer
Elvis Presley + General Public minus 'ness' = Elvis PresleyYeah, Elvis is on both sides of this equation
Joni Mitchell + The Beatles = Eric Burdon & The AnimalsAnswer includes *2* Beatles titles (minus '!')
Pearl Jam + Pilot + John Lennon = SantanaThree five-letter words (Pilot = The Cars)

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