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Can you combine U.S. Postal Service state abbreviations to form the common English words hinted at below? (Californians from Coalinga or Maricopa may have an advantage, but all are welcome to play!)

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4: conceal (---E)
4: make a meal (--O-)
4: prone to preening (--I-)
4: soft drink (---A)
4: agreement (--C-)
4: dry as a desert (--I-)
4: aquatic predator (--C-)
4: say it isn't so (--N-)
4: writing fluids (---S)
4: volcanic output (-A--)
6: earnings (----M-)
6: insist upon (--M---)
6: of the sea (----N-)
6: unflinching honesty (-----R)
6: drink of gods and bees (----A-)
6: enter in force, as a country (I-----)
6: understood by few (A-----)
6: outdated internet gateways (----M-)
6: llama kin of South America (----C-)
6: grueling experience (----A-)
6: red or flushed, as a face (-----D)
6: girl with mischievous charm (G-----)
8: continental U.S., to a resident of Hawaii (M-------)
8: monument of remembrance (-------L)
8: smallish citrus fruit variety (-------N)

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