Original Star Trek Episodes

Can you name the Original Star Trek episodes from quotes?

'I don't like mysteries. They give me a bellyache and I got a beauty right now.'
'Go to your quarters or I'll pick you up and carry you there.'
'You fools! Soon I'll squash you like insects!'
'Sorry – neither!'
'Yeoman, I owe you an explanation...The transporter malfunctioned, divided me, created a duplicate...'
'Are you wearing some unusual kind of perfume, or something radioactive, my dear?'
'Mind your own business Mr. Spock. I'm sick of your half breed interference, do you hear?!'
'Bonk! Bonk! On the head!'
'It's hard to believe that a man could die of loneliness.'
'This is tranya. I hope you relish it as much as I.'
'Captain – Jim, please! Don't stop me – don't let him stop me.'
'Captain Pike has an illusion, and you have reality; may you find your way as pleasant.'
'Worlds may change, galaxies disintegrate, but a woman always remains a woman.'
'In a different reality, I could have called you friend.'
'Hey there Jimmy boy! I'm waitin for ya!'
'Strange. Step by step, I’ve made the correct and logical decisions, and yet two men have died.'
'Stop that nonsense at once! Or you'll not be permitted to make any more planets!'
'He knows, Doctor – he has reasoned it out!'
'I never did believe in little green men.'
'All of my old friends look like doctors – all of his... look like you.'
'It would be interesting, Captain, to return to that world in a hundred years, and learn what crop had sprung from the seed you planted today.'
'Sir, there's a multi-legged creature crawling on your shoulder.'
'What can you expect from a simpering, devil-eared freak, whose father was a computer and whose mother was an encyclopedia?'
'I'm a doctor, not a bricklayer!'
'Coming from an Organian, yours is practically an act of rebellion.'
'Trapped forever with a raging madman at your throat until time itself came to a stop.'
'I am endeavoring, ma'am, to create a mnemonic memory circuit, using stone knives ... and bearskins.'
'You were so worried about his Vulcan eyes you forgot about his Vulcan ears.'
'Art thee Vulcan or art thee human?'
'He is much like Pan, and Pan always bored me.'
'Faulty! Faulty! Must sterilize! – STER-I-LIZE!'
'One man cannot summon the future.'
'The Garden of Eden was just outside Moscow.'
'Captain, you're getting dangerously close to the planet killer.'
If we weren't missing two officers and a third one dead I'd say someone was playing an elaborate trick-or-treat on us.'
'Logic is a wreath of pretty flowers that smell bad.'
'You are the Companion, he is the man; you are two different things.'
'At the time, it seemed the logical thing to do.'
'I'm a doctor, not an escalator!'
'Give us some more blood, Chekov. The needle won't hurt, Chekov. Take off your shirt, Chekov.'
'I'll bet he [Spock] left a bad taste in the creature's mouth too.'
'Red Jack!'
'Well the nearest thing that I can figure is that they're born pregnant – which appears to be quite a time-saver!'
'I'll wager 200 Quatloos! on the newcomer!
'The name of the game is called Fizzbin.'
'Tell Dr. McCoy he should have wished me luck.'
'A hundred... serpents. Serpents, for the Garden of Eden. We're very tired, Mr. Scott; beam us up home.'
'One day our minds became so powerful, we dared think of ourselves as gods.'
'You mean the Führer is an alien?'
'It's... uh.... it's green.'
'Only the eyes of a chief may see the E Plebmnista!'
Computers make excellent and efficient servants, but I have no wish to serve under them.'
'You bring this network's ratings down and we'll do a special on you!'
'That, Miss Lincoln, is simply my cat.'
''Brain' and 'Brain' and what is 'Brain!''
'Romulan women are not like Vulcan females.'
I am Kirok!'
'Hail, hail, fire and snow. Call the angel, we will go.'
'My compliments to you. And to your dressmaker.'
'The bullets are unreal. Without body. They are illusions only. Shadows without substance.'
'Only a fool fights in a burning house.'
'Years ago, I climbed the mountains, even though it was forbidden.'
'It's gone. The Defiant just wanished.'
'I'm Tweedledee, he's Tweedledum./We're spacemen marching to and from.'
'Mr. Spock has remained in accelerated time so that he might effect repairs to the ship more rapidly.'
'I would say that she was a pearl of great price.'
'We have granted your crew the permission not to kneel in our presence. What else do you want?'
'Queen to queen's level three.'
'You've combed the galaxy and all you've come up with is mono-colored trash, bleeding hearts and do-gooders. You're dead, you half-white.'
'As crowded as my planet is, I could wish for it to hold one more person.'
'I am for you... I am for you...'
'Mira has tried to tell me all along that she was seeing things in advance.'
'You wanted a perfect, ultimate woman; as brilliant – as immortal – as yourself. Your mate for all time.'
'But an idea can't be seen or felt. And that's what's kept the Troglytes in the mines all these centuries-- a mistaken idea.'
'But I was commander in chief during the four bloodiest years of my country's history.'
'I'm behaving disgracefully. I have eaten animal flesh and I've enjoyed it. What is wrong with me?'
'Ohh! I've lost to the captain. I've lost to James Kirk! I want you dead! I want you dead! I want you dead!'

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