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Are skeletal muscle cells and mature erythrocytes conventional examples of the principles of cell theory?
This kind of cell replicates by meiosis.
When the size of an organism increases, the SA:V ratio ______?
This kind of cell has no membrane bound organelles, which kind is it?
A cell that retains the capability to divide and is able to differentiate along many different pathways is called a ______.
Phospholipid heads are hydro____.
How many times bigger is a centimetre compared to a micrometre?
Multinuclear cells and cells that lack nuclei are two examples of conventional cell theory. Name a type of tissue that also constitutes an exception to cell theory, but for another
Do animal eukaryotic cells and prokaryotic cells have a cell wall?
The scale bar in a photograph measures 15mm but is in fact a representation of 5 micrometers. What is the magnification?
The process of mitosis consists (in order) of prophase, anaphase, metaphase and telophase, yes or no?
Are stem cells pluripotent?
Exocytosis is the movement of a substance into a cell, with the aid of vesicles, yes or no?
In anaphase, chromosomes split into two chromatids as the mitotic spindle contracts and the chromatids are pulled apart, yes or no?
Lymphoma and ALS may be treated relying on the transplant of a particular type of cells. Which type?
____________ are proteins with carbohydrates attached to them.
The cell cycle consists of interphase, mitosis and ________.
A plant cell is an example of a prokaryote, yes or no?
Interphase is an active phase of the cell cycle, correct or incorrect?
Phagocytosis and pinocytosis are examples of _______.

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