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Can you name the Dungeons and Dragons Monsters?

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Winged, weilds a sword and whipLarge Outsider (Tanar'ri)
Large floating orb, many eyesLarge Aberration
Three heads, dragon, goat, and lionLarge Magical Beast
Panther-like, tentacles on back, six legsLarge Magical Beast
Half spider, half drowLarge Aberration
Has two headsLarge Giant
Winged, statue-likeMedium Monsterous Humanoid (Earth)
Hyena-like humanoidMedium Humanoid
Metallic automatonLarge Construct
Winged; body resembles a lionLarge Magical Beast
Dog-like, red fur, breathes fireMedium Outsider
Vaguely reptile-like, has 5-12 headsHuge Magical Beast
~Halfling sized, scaly hide, has tailSmall Humanoid (Reptilian)
Powerful undead spellcasterMedium Undead (example)
Scaly skin, has snakes for hairMedium Monsterous Humanoid
Four tentacles on head, rubbery hideMedium Aberration
Covered in fur, head of a bullLarge Monsterous Humanoid
Worm-like, purple in colorGargantuan Magical Beast
Humanoid, head of a tigerMedium Outsider (Native)
Enormous birdGargantuan Animal
Has two antennae, eats metalMedium Aberration
Scaly skin, vaguely fish-likeMedium Monsterous Humanoid (Aquadic)
Tailed, has two horns, carapace on backColossal Magical Beast
Greenish skin, regeneratingLarge Giant
Wolf, breathes frostLarge Magical Beast (Cold)
Two legs, bat-like wings, scorpion-like tailLarge Dragon
Shapeshifting, snake-likeMedium Monsterous Humanoid

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