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QUIZ: Can you name the Perks of Call of Duty 4?

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You get two remote detonated plastic explosives.Blue
You get two trip activated explosives.Blue
You get two launchable rockets.Blue
Your get 3 instead of 1 to use, unless its smoke.Blue
You could easily RG someone at the start now.Blue
You get extra magazines of ammunition.Blue
Enemy Explosives are indicated.Blue
Increased Bullet Damage.Red
Increased Health.Red
Increased Reload Speed.Red
Increased Fire Rate.Red
2 Primary Weapons.Red
Blocks your dot from a 3 Kill Streak Reward, but not firing without silencer.Red
Increased Explosives Damage.Red
Increased Sprint Time.Green
Increased Accuracy while hip-firing.Green
Pull out your Pistol before death.Green
Drop a Live grenade when you die.Green
Deeper Bullet Penetration.Green
Hold your breath longer while sniping.Green
Your Footsteps make less noise.Green
Works best on the 360. Allows you to hear chat nearby.Green

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