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What does Shawn use to blow up the mailbox?
What is the cult called that Shawn gets sucked into?
Name of the high school
Who lives with Eric and Jack?
Why did Cory have to stay inside on the ski trip?
What is Ben Savage's real first name?
Cory turns into which Halloween character?
Who is Ben Savage's real life brother?
Alan's old band
Where is Topanga originally going to go to college?
Morgan's Nickname
Cory's real first name
Who is the teacher that takes Shawn in?
Who proposes first?
Who is Betsy Randle?
What is Shawn's dads name?
Cory's little brother's name
Name of the Television Show that Eric acted in
Who kisses Cory when he's dating Topanga?
Teacher and Mentor to the whole gang
Shawn's mother's name
Shawn gets a pet...?
Did Topanga have a sister in season 1
How Many seasons were there?
What is Topanga's mom's name?
What was Cory's favorite baseball team?
Shawn's sister's name in Season 1
Who does he appear as on the show?
In a preview of the future... what is Eric's name?
Where do they go to college?
How many children do Alan and Amy have?
Where is Cory's first kiss?

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