Movies Quiz / Name The Villain From Memorable Death Scene? Pt. 1

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Find the villain based on these death descriptions.

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After being hit by canon shrapnel he says 'Thank God, I die a true American' before his enemy's son stabs him.
After doing business with a docter of sorts he is shot in the heart with a consealed firearm.
After putting his enforcer's son through pain in front of him he is picked up and thrown down a giant shaft.
A gunfight culminating at the the end of a treasure hunt, he is out drawn by a man with no name.
Whilst somone is preaching about being good, this character is shot unregretfully by the leading man in spandex.
Unsuccessful in capturing his family, this character sits and dies in the snow.
While trying to fight for posession of ancient rocks he falls into the river below and is eaten by crocodiles.
After murdering a young girl he starts to make demands for his son but is just shot in the face.

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