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Can You Name The Game By The Traits Of Said Game?

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In this you are a bullet sponge but are highly vulnerable to water, and there's lots of horses.
You are a young teenager traveling across the country to fight with slave monsters.
You are a criminal that although commits major crimes like murder and theft are not recognized once the stars disappear.
You must find your father's killer by watching the time, going to the shops and learning to fight.
As it turns out war is modern, advanced, and infinite.
This game is great if you like cool cars and looking at sunsets.
What it is like to be an honored guard and to have the tables flipped.
Why do these legendary hunters have such weak ankles, small writing and dumb horses?
As you travel an immense land you must be weary, as at any momment a settlement might need help.
It sucks for the main character as no one gets his name right, it isn't even his legend.

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