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Forced Order
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What's Marinas biggest hit?
Which froot of the month was I'm a Ruin?
Which froot of the month was Forget?
Which froot of the month was Froot?
Where was Marina born?
What's the 8th track on The Famliy Jewels?
When did Froot come out?
Which froot of the month was Gold?
When did the Electra Heart era end?
On wich cheek did Marina wear her heart?
Name the four archetypes in the right order
What's the 5th track on Electra Heart?
What is Marinas middle name?
When was Marina born?
What is the name of Marinas sister?
How did Marina record her songs before she got signed?
Which froot of the month was Immortal?
Which froot of the month was Happy?
What's the 11th track on Froot?
Whats's the name of Marinas first album?

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