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The Bravest Warrior
The Fire that would Save ThunderClan
He's a blind medicine cat
Trained in the Dark Forest with Hawkfrost
Found the Tunnels to other territories
Treated very unfairly as a kit, but killed lots of innocent cats
Had kits with a Clan Leader
Thinks she wasn't part of the 'Three'
Fed Deathberries as a kit
Formerly of ShadowClan, but in ThunderClan
Hit by a monster and lived
Knew that Tigerstar killed Redtail
Never really liked Firestar
Bluestar's daughter
Firestar's mate
Terribly injured
Firestar's best friend
Deputy of 'DarkClan'
Greystripe's son, Tribe Cat
Ran away to ShadowClan
Bitten by a poisonous snake in camp

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