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The Enlightenment was an intellectual movement that focused on _____, _____, and _____
Author of Essay on Playing the Transcerse Flute who elaborated on good taste
French philosophers and reformers
Novice players
Wrote 'A General History of Music' in _____
Wrote the most comprehensive guide to melodical composition based on rhetoric principle
Accompaniament played as broken chords
Full length comic opera, sang throughout with 6 or more characters
Pioneered arias
Humorous opera performed between serious opera acts
Most original composer of intermezzos; composed La Serva Padrona
Serious opera that rarely had a tragic ending
Italian poet popular among 18th century composers
2 Stanza poems that were arranged in song
Most popular composer of opera seria; composed Cleofide in _____
Led opera reform with 'An Essay on the Opera' (_____) where he suggested the subordination of soloists and greater user of ensembles
Cosmopolitan Italian composers who lived in _____; one increased dramatic flow, the other reconciled Italian and French styles
Composer who successfully applied the principles of the opera reform by amalgating international styles
Poet who wrote the librettos for Alceste and Orfeo ed Euridice
French opera composed by Gluck and written by Jean Racine; first GOOD French opera
Back and forth between critics of comic opera
French advocate for Italian opera who praised the ability to express emotion through melody
Opera written by French advocate in _____
French version of comic opera
Popular French songs originally used in French comic opera
Original compositions that eventually phased out popular French songs
Leading French composer of French comic operas who inaugurated the _____ opera with _____ _____-_____-_____
Opera where the hero is in imminent danger and is saved through heroic actions
British opera that set new words to old tunes
First British play fully sang
German opera inspired by _____ _____ precursor to the _____ _____ of Mozart and Weber
French _____ song on a sentimal text with a simple expressive melody and plain accompaniament
New poem about recent events or a sentimental text set to music
German, _____ poem, with simple melody and generally one note per syllable
Composer who expanded lieds' stylistic possibilities by making _____ more _____, and was the original author of _____ in _____
First book published in North America in _____ by the _____
American composer who wrote homophonic, 4-part harmonies and anticipated American nationalistic style with his book _____ _____ _____-_____ in _____
Psalm featurign a passage in free imitation preceeded and followed by homophonic sections
German-speaking protestants who were conversant with European musical trends
Morovian pastor who wrote songs and anthems
First American-born composer of chamber music
Keyboard where strings are struck and allowed to _____, created in _____
Keyboard where strings are plucked
Keyboard where strings are struck and sustained
Inventor of the pianoforte
Music written for small ensembles
2 violins, viola, and cello
Composition form derived from binary form composed of _____, _____ and _____
Author of 'Introductory Essay on Composition' in _____
Italian keyboard composer who emphasized melody but sounded a little baroque
Form with IV, X, II periods
Author of 'The True Art of Playing Keyboard Instruments' in _____-_____ who also established the 3-movement pattern for the _____
Orchestral genre in 3-4 movements, homophonic, no divisions, with orchestra soloist
Most prominent composer of early symphonies who used 3 the standard 3 movements
Conductor of the Mannhein Orchestra who was the first composer to use the _____ _____ _____
Composer from Vienna who wrote symphonies with pleasant lyricism and good humor
Symphony with two or more soloists in addition to the orchestra
3 solo sections enclosed in 4 ritornellos
Prominent piano composer among the first to write piano concertos who lived in _____

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