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Can you name the Shakespeare play by a haiku?

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Forced Order
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Worst romance ever? / A plague on both your houses! / West Side Story too
Light comic relief / Hero and heroine: same / Wedding goes afoul
Something's rotten here / A murdered king haunts his son / Said son seeks revenge
Give up all pleasure? / Not when a French princess comes / Sudden death at end
Willful young Prince Hal / Gets a reality shock / Father dies - he's king
Sexism runs wild / Why does she need to be tamed? / A battle of wits
The lady goes mad / Maybe she could use some bleach / Can you change your fate?
Fairies abound here / Love and love potions don't mix / One man is an ass?
Strict new judge rules now / Death for sex, but sex can save / The duke's Lodowick?
A game for marriage / Portia, in drag, saves a man / Hath not a Jew eyes?
Assassination / Conspiracy and treason / Based on history
A shipwrecked maiden / Shakespeare in Love ends with this / She finds her brother
Older Rapunzel / Maiden is locked in tower / Without long hair though
This unlucky king / Fights France and his nephew / Marriage brings no peace
Rich Greek gentleman / Gives away all his money / Lives like a hermit
Angry, violent king / Believes wife and friend lovers / Wife dies - or does she?
Numerous women / Money with love intertwines / Autumn for Falstaff
Henry desires France / Summer of constant unknowns / Success now, then loss
Princes woo women / Everlasting war goes on / Winter strikes young love
Woodlands in the spring / Brothers hide out from brothers / Love the way you want

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