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Can you name the Top 50 Kids' Movies For Adults according to the Times newspaper?

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1Craig T. Nelson (2004)
2Edward Asner (2009)
3Michael J. Fox (1985)
4Tim Allen (1995)
5Henry Thomas (1982)
6Peter Sallis (1993)
7Tom Hanks (1988)
8Cary Elwes (1987)
9George Clooney (2009)
10Phil Harris (1967)
11Rumi Hiragi/Daveigh Chase (2001)
12Christian Riehl (1970)
13Ben Burtt (2008)
14Will Ferrell (2003)
15Dakota Fanning (2009)
16Mike Myers (2001)
17Mel Gibson (2000)
18Macaulay Culkin (1990)
19Gene Wilder (1971)
20Chris Sarandon (1993)
21Frank Oz (1979)
22Claude Jarman Jr (1946)
23Daniel Radcliffe (2001-)
24Julie Andrews (1964)
25Paul Reubens (1985)
26Woody Allen (1998)
27Tom Kenny (2004)
28Albert Brooks (2003)
29Vin Diesel (1999)
30Bart the Bear (1988)
31Patton Oswalt (2007)
32Bob Hoskins (1988)
33Dick Van Dyke (1968)
34Hayley Mills (1961)
35Hardie Albright (1942)
36Adriana Caselotti (1937)
37Herman Bing (1941)
38Elizabeth Taylor (1943)
39John Goodman (2001)
40Judy Garland (1939)
41John Cleese (1981)
42Pascal Lamorisse (1956)
43Walter Matthau (1976)
44Ray Romano (2002)
45Jonathan Taylor Thomas (1994)
46John Mills (1960)
47Angela Lansbury (1971)
48Christine Cavanaugh (1995)
49Mark Lester (1968)
50Jim Dale (1973)

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