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Has to do with Booze In five years i'd like to be five years __________.
Bad parenting Just one perfect day a year. No hassles. No problems. No _______
Poop Well I caught my son taking a ______________________________ he calls it an ''upper decker'.
Saliva Did you _______ in his face.
KillingYeah, my neighbor got __________.
A **** Jesus's Birthday Enough of this _______________ ____________. Let's get some party music.
a weird feeling I don't think it rained. My hip would be __________.
type of car This is like the ______ of pumps.
HintAnswer Quote
maternity leave I had my ____________________________.
fighting animalsI thought there might be a ________ or something.
 Like my mom always said _______________.
nastyIf it wasn't for the cameras, I would've done some truly _______________.
George like _______!
sexIt warms my heart, thinking about them two kids..... ______________.
weekdays I made a New Year's resolution that i'm not going to drink anymore. __________________.

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