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Can you name the Main and Reoccurring Characters on The Sopranos?

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James GandolfiniMob's Boss (third in the series) and Father
Edie FalcoWife of James Gandolfini and Mother
Jamie-Lynn SiglerDaughter of James Gandolfini
Robert IlerSon of James Gandolfini
Michael ImperioliNephew-in-Law and member of the Soprano crew
Lorraine BraccoJames Gandolfini's therapist
Tony Siricosuperstitious soldier and member of crew. Later promoted to Capo and eventually Underboss.
Steve Van ZandtMember of crew and owner of the Bada Bing!
Dominic ChianeseSecond Boss of the DiMeo crime family during the seires. Gets arrested and put on house arrest.
Aida TurturroJames Gandolfini's sister. Explores different faiths.
Drea De MatteoMichael Imperioli's fiancee
Steve SchirripaMember of crew. Well tempered, shy and quite kind for a mobster. His wife died in a car accident.
Vincent PastoreMember of crew. Killed when discovered to be an FBI informant.
Federico CastelluccioMember of crew that was imported from Italy
John VentimigliaOwner of Nuovo Vesuvio
Kathrine NarducciJohn Ventimiglia's wife. Has severe reservations about being involved in anything mob related at all.
Vince CuratolaSoprano crew's main connection to the New York mob
Joseph R. GannascoliMember of crew and closeted homosexual
Dan GrimaldiMember of crew, serves as accountant. Has a head for numbers and a murdered twin brother.
Joe PantolianoMember and eventual Capo of Aprile crew. Prone to sudden, violent fits of rage. Killed because of a horse.
Nancy MarchandJames Gandolfini's mother
Steve BuscemiCousin of James Gandolfini. Known James Gandolfini since they were children. Member of DiMeo crime family. Same first name as James Gandolfini.
Jerry AdlerAdvisor and friend of James Gandolfini. Jewish and head of a record company.
Sharon AngelaWife of Michael Rispoli (the first boss in the series)
David ProvalBrother of Michael Rispoli and head of Aprile crew (at one time). Becomes engaged to Aida Turturro.
Michael RispoliThe first boss of the DiMeo crime family in the series. Dies of cancer.
Toni KalemWife of Vincent Pastore
Frank VincentNew York mobster who takes over as underboss for the New York crew after the imprisonment of Vince Curatola.
Robert FunaroMobster 'made' at the same time as Michael Imperioli
Al SapienzaRight hand man of Dominic Chianese
Matt ServittoAgent of the FBI
Maureen Van ZandtWife of the Steve Van Zandt
Peter BogdanovichLorraine Bracco's therapist
Paul SchulzePriest
John FioreMember of crew, promoted to Capo of Aprile crew after death of David Proval. Dies on the toilet.
Ray AbruzzoBoss of the New York crew after his father's death. Invests in movie project of Michael Imperioli.

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