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Can you name the Sluggy Freelance Characters?

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Main Protagonist, Freelance Web Designer, Nerd-boyHero
Inventor, Genius, Man of Mystery, Protagonist's Best FriendHero
Protagonist's Main Love Interest, College Student/Radio Worker, From NebraskaHero
Ex-Girlfriend of Genius Inventor/Protagonist's Best Friend, Severely Nearsighted/Wears Thick Glasses, Dabbler in Black Magic, Has Been Possessed by a Demon -- TwiceHero
Homicidal Bunny Rabbit, Carries a Switch Blade, Was Once Overlord of All HolidaysHero/Villain
Hyper and Happy Ferret, Wants to Befriend Everyone, Known to 'Poing'Hero
Morphing Space AlienHero
Vampire, 'Da Man,' Self-Professed Ladies ManHero
Bar Tender, Invents Often Putrid Drink ConcoctionsHero
Artist, Obsessed with CrotchesHero
Gymnast Assassin, Brainwashed to Love Protagonist, Prone to Bouts of Insanity, Apparently Cannot DieHero/Villain
Scientist, Inventor of Inflatable Technology, From the FutureHero/Villain
Ex-Girlfriend of Genius Inventor/Protagonist's Best Friend, Inventor, Strangely Calm About the Wild Events in Their LivesHero
Ex-Girlfriend of Protagonist, Victim of Satanic Kittens, Has Extreme Fear of KittensHero
'The Voweless One,' Powerful Demon Summoned by Book of E-Ville, Tried to Take Over the World -- TwiceVillain
18 Kittens Fathered by SatanVillain
Scientist Responsible for Experiments on Animals (Including the Ferret) Involving NanitesVillain
Founder of Hereti CorpVillain
Usual Head of Hereti Corp (Until Recently) and Son of the FounderVillain
Assassin Who Also Apparently Cannot Die, Obviously More Sane Than Her Predecessor, Uses Chain WeaponsVillain
Leader of the Demension of PainVillain
Dim-witted Servant of the Leader of the Dimension of PainVillain
Cyclops Demon in the Dimension of PainVillain
Demon in the Dimension of Pain, Three Souls in One Being, Mostly Serpent-LikeVillain
Ruler/God Over All DemonsVillain
Leader's Brother, Has Political AspirationsVillain
Leader's Sister, Leader of the Dimension of GriefVillain
Inventor/Protagonist's Best Friend's Mother, Radio Chat Show Host?

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