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Metal worker also known as a ...
Meaning Son of John...
Meaning the shield of the Defense of Many...
Singer _____ Swift
Meaning Son of David
Maiden name of Lilly Potter
Presidant Woodrow
Translation 'The Twin' (the internet surname database)
As Thor would say 'Son of John'
Derived from Hrodbeort meaning renown or famous (the internet surname database)
Derived from the Polish word Rabin
British Holiday company
Opposite of Wrong W_____
A step above crawling
Meaning Son of Edward
Bill 'American Jazz Musician Born 1930'
Named for the keeper of the village common ground
Meaning Kind
John ____ British retailer.
American Author (1955-2009) E.Lynn _____
Shoe seller UK _ _ _ _ _ _
Origin in india meaning Head man or village chief
last name of the demigod Percy (Percy _______ and the lightning thief Book)
Last name of Harry Potters Quiddich captain First year
Name given to the occupation of the creation of small woodan objects.
Last name of the Game of Thrones Author
1949 American baseball player Cecil
Nick Furies second in command Maria ____
Ws an orphan you are a ____ of the state
A traditional dance from the UK M_____
Bobby _____ Captain of the British Winning world cup football team 1966
simmilar in spelling to 23 five letters
Guy's Student (Naruto)
Male Leader in a Monarchy
Named for the profession of bread maker
_______ Ford Creator of the car brand
Derrek ______ (Criminal minds)
Key needed to put a bike together A____
Bond _____ Bond
Cyclops's first name (X-men)
Type of Screwdriver
Sherlocks Partner
The British tennis team won this cup in 2015
Peater ______ (Spiderman)
The cost is on the _____ tag
British phraise Gordon B______.
'The very Y____ rarely do what they are told' (quote from Stargate SG-1)
Welsh origin Thought to mean Strong Grip
Cam's Husband (Modern Family)
Michael _____ New Zealand-British physicist
You ____ on a Hob
Derived from the celtic word meaning Cart
Son of Richard
Type of Creamy Alcohol B_____
From Anglo-Saxon culture and British name Nicolas
'And the ____s are ringing out for Christmas....'
Name derived from that used to name thoes who lived by a Copse, small wood. 'Sceaga'
Gaelic name O'Murchadha meaning male decendent of the Sea Warrior (Surname Database)
Surname for thoes who create Flour
Brian ___ British Physicist
Germanic meaning Poweful Ruler
____ Academy an online teaching aid
Meaning Horse Servant - includeing Occupations of Farrier Groom and Horse Doctor
Son of Ander
Yellow people animated series.
Derived from the Hebrew Elijah or Greek Elias meaning Jehova is God
Biblical first male
Derived from Sanskirt 'Simah' meaning Lion
Muslim honorific title for adression a respectable Lady
British Highstreed Retailer W_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Type of beer asociated with Australia (missing the L)
Charlie _______ Silent movie actor
Son of Howell
The internet is also known as the ___b
Steve ______ Captain America
Fifty Shades of .... (Book)
Surname for the occupation of stone worker
Arabic meaning high and exalted protected by God
This boxing day tradition was banned in the UK fox H___
Derived from Arabic Hasuna meaning to be good
From the Scots Caimbbeul mmeaning crooked or distorted mouth.
Son of Mattthew
welsh meaning well born or noble
Dr Mallards helpers last name (NCIS)
Watsons Friend/Boss
Derived from the Gaelic Milidh meaning soldier.
From the Scots Gaelic Bern meaning Gap
A king always has these K_____
From the Welsh Llwyd meaning brown
A pprimeraly male servant opposite to a maid.
From the old french Rousel given for someone with red hair and red face.
surname given to a tanner of leather
name given to a person who catches fish F_____
Meaning son of Stephan
Taken from the given nname John a diminuitive of it meaning Little John
Alternate spelling of Murry
From the name Richard (shortened) meaning brave power
British from the old Haerviu meaning battle or carnage and Viu meaning worthy

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