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QUIZ: Can you answer these questions about the legends of King Arthur?

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Forced Order
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Father of Arthur
Mother of Arthur
Site of Arthur's Conception
Wife of Arthur
Brother of Arthur
Son (and Killer) of Arthur
Name of Arthur's Sword
What magical piece of equipment prevented Arthur from shedding blood in battle?
Name of Lancelot's Castle
Which holy knight was the illegitimate child of Lancelot and Elaine?
What colourful knight famously fought Sir Gawain?
Name any one of the three grail knights
Who imprisoned Merlin in the rock/oak?
Site of Arthur's Final Battle
Site of Arthur's Burial
Name the 6th Century Welsh Poet sometimes cited as a companion to Arthur, thought by some to be a basis for the character of Merlin.
Author of Le Morte d'Arthur
Alfred, Lord Tennyson poem about doomed damsel
Mark Twain's Novel set in Camelot
Lerner and Lowe Musical

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