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Can you name the (Individual) Animals of Arda?

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HintAnimal's Name
Legolas and Gimli's steed of Rohan
Horse of Húrin Thalion
Glorfindel's horse, lent to Frodo to escape the Black Riders
Faithful pack pony of the Fellowship
Beast that terrorized Rohan until it and Folca, thirteenth King of Rohan slew each other
One of Meriadoc Brandybuck's ponies
Chief of the ravens of Erebor when the King Under the Mountain was driven out
Wolf that swallowed Beren's hand and a Silmaril; he slew and was slain by the Hound of Valinor
Lord and Sire of werewolves
One of Farmer Maggot's dogs
Tom Bombadil's pony
Eorl's steed, first of the Mearas
Éomer's horse
Mandos' hound, who will guard Morgoth after he is bound in the final battle
One of Farmer Maggot's dogs
Lord of the Eagles in the third age
Horse of Rohan lent to Aragorn by Éomer
The great hound of Oromë, gifted to Celegorm; he defeated Sauron in battle and aided Beren and Lúthien in retrieving a Silmaril
HintAnimal's Name
Eagle, brother of Gwaihir
Eagle, vassal of Gwaihir
The great golden-hooved steed of the Vala Oromë
Chief of the ravens of Erebor when the Dwarves returned, then 150 years old
Valinorian steed of Fingolfin
Aragorn's horse, gifted to him by Arwen Úndomiel
Tamed by Gandalf, the first of the Mearas to be ridden by anyone but a King of Rohan
One of Meriadoc Brandybuck's ponies
The giant spider of Cirith Ungol
King Theoden's horse, faithful servant but master's bane
Frodo Baggins' pony
The pony Merry rode with the Rohirrim
One of Meriadoc Brandybuck's ponies
Lord of Eagles during the First Age
One of Meriadoc Brandybuck's ponies
Steed of Dernhelm, of the Riders of Rohan
One of Meriadoc Brandybuck's ponies
One of Farmer Maggot's dogs

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