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Lives in a polluted world
She get's in to trouble and has to go to 'The Bureau' for help
She wants to be a writer, and starts writing about a cat figurine
A fish girl who wants to be a human
She's a tiny person
A wandering Wizard
She's nearly 30 but keeps remembering back to when she was 10
She's the heir to a dead legacy
One of the few male protagonists of Studio Ghibli, under a curse that makes him look like a certain animal
A vain, notorious, flirting wizard who has a problem turning into a flying creature
She was raised by wolves
Utterly insane family who often fight but make up quickly
She has to leave her home for a year to learn more about her craft
He runs 'The Bereau'
She works in the bath house to save her parents
She's cursed to look like an old woman, by a jealous witch
He is suffering from a curse that has him sent away from his home and he can never return
A Spirit who can't remember his real name
They move to the country to be closer to their sick mother in hospital
This group decide to learn the ancient ancestral magic of their people to drive away humans trying to destroy their home

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