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Victim/sEpisodeCold Case Year
Jill Shelby1976
Dana Deemer1983
Gail Chamayo1998
Mitchell Baye1990
Joe Washington1973
Paige Pratt1981
Daniel Holtz1964
Toya Myles2001
Krystal Hogan1989
Matt Mills1997
Holly Richardson1995
Tim Barnes1980
Sadie Douglas1939
Arnold Curville1958
Benny Rosen (also B. Mangetti, M. Franco, S. Pimentel, K. Sims, W. Giovanetti, F. Kim, N. Roberts, G. Valentino, C. Feldman, H. Greenberg, and L. Mott)1978
Julia Hoffman and Gerard Gary1969
Herman Lester1987
Greg Cardiff2000
Vanessa Prosser1992
Charles Danville1985
Rebecca Morgan1989
Nash Cavanaugh1999
Eve Kendall1986
Della, Tom and Derek Lincoln2003
Alice Miller1943
Sen and Channary Dheit1991
Rita Baxter1990
Jeff Kern1983
Elliot Garvey1953
Janet Lambert1985
Greg Vizcaino2000
Matthew Adams1978
Jerry Stone1976
Kayla Odoms1987
Ellie McCormick1969
Colin Miller1993
Kyle Bream1998
Lindsay Chase1982
Sloane Easton1995
Zeke Williams1963
Joe Young1985
Mike Cahill1977
Billie Ducette1932
Simone Marks1972
Jimmy Tate1988
Laurie Dunne2004
Angus Bistrong1978
Clyde Taylor1945
Bettie Petrowski1954
Vaughn, Cderic, Quincy & Luther Bubley1999, 2001, 2003, 2005
Victim/sEpisodeCold Case Year
Amy Lind1999
Carl Burton1973
Vivian Mulvany1965
Frank DiCenzio2001
Clem Garris1988
Trevor Dawson1994
Emma Vine1968
Roween Ryan2000
Ana Castilla1998
Steve Jablonski1980
Andy Simmons1973
Dennis Hofferman2002
Violet Polley1929
Kate Lange1994
Lorena Kinney1945
Grant Bowen1984
Joseph Shaw2005
Cameron Coulter, Neal Hanlon, and their 15 victims1995
Dana Taylor2004
John Donovan1948
Iris Felice1982
Steve and Lisa Harris2003
John Hawkins1958
Libby Bradley1979
Melanie Campbell1975
Martha Puck1989
Sean Cooper1968
Truck Sugar2000
James Hoffman2006
Lauren Williams1996
Madison Reed and Skill Jones2002
Jack and Johanna Kimball1981
Hilary West1964
Maurice Hall1984
Marlene Bradford1999
Clayton Hathaway1987
Rainey Karlsen1997
Francis Stone1919
Mike Chulaski2005
Jay Dratton1998
Adam, Emily and Stewart Jacobi2006
George Russo, Sean Costley, and Jack Raymes1994
Carrie Swett1998
Anna Gunden2006
Bingo Zohar1953
Margot Chambers1989
Terrance Carter2002
Audrey Metz1938
DeMont Henderson, Kendyck Malone, Marcus Hollister & Shemar Reynolds1999, 2001, 2003 & 2007
Samantha Randall1963
Mike Delaney1982
Ray Takahashi1945
Victim/sEpisodeCold Case Year
Curt Fitzpatrick1999
Tamyra Borden1998
Andy Rierdan2006
Brenda MacDowell2007
Peter Doyle1997
Nancy Patterson1962
Max Chapin2005
Mike McShane1973
Laura McKinney1991
Miriam Forrester1964
Missy Gallavan1978
PFC James Tully1951
Donna D'Amico1981
Danny Finch1969
Nadia Koslov1989
Rita Flynn1953
Dexter Collins2005
Allison Thurston1960
Ed Dubinski2007
Jane Everett1988
Roy W. Dunn1967
Ben Feldman2008
Sarah Blake1976
Henry 'Pops' Walters2009
Julie Ramierez2004
Julian Bellowes1958
Gonzalo Luque1999
Patrick Lennox1963
Kate Butler2005
Kate Butler2005
Darcy Curtis1966
Nash Simpson1995
Alex Caceres2004
Billy Jeremiah Sanders1970
Vivian Lynn1944
Sonny Sandoval1986
Donalyn Sullivan1991
Jack Chao Lu1983
Luke Cronin1999
Tommy Flanagan1980
Mike Donley2005
Harry Denton1974
Carlos Espinosa1982
Mia Romanov1971
Dan Palmer2008
Mick Malone1986
Barry Jensen1980
Bill Shepard1978
David Quinn1969
Felicia Grant1989
Wanda Johnson1993

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