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QUIZ: Can you name the less talked about characters of Harry Potter?

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A Gryffindor friend of Fred and GeorgeIn Harry's Year
A Gryffindor half blood irish WizardIn Harry's Year
Slytherin, Loves MalfoyIn Harry's Year
Ravenclaw, Came for the Triwizard TournamentEntered in Harry's Fourth Year
Slytherin, younger that malfoyEntered in Harry's Fourth Year
Hufflepuff, Same clue as Above but FemaleEntered in Harry's Fourth Year
Gryffindor, does he do the D.A.?Entered in Harry's Fifth Year
Ravenclaw, Could know LunaIn Harry's Year
Ravenclaw, Captain of the Quidditch teama Year Above Harry
Hufflepuff, see number 4Entered in Harry's Fourth Year
Slytherin, Anyone remember Hermione's Cat hair incident? In Harry's Year
Gryffindor, Camera CrazyEntered in Harry's Second Year
Gryffindor, fell in the Black lake and was rescued by the giant squidEntered in Harry's Fourth Year
Ravenclaw, year below the twins, year above Harrya Year Above Harry
Hufflepuff, First one to be called out in the sorting of Harry's yearIn Harry's Year

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