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From Zero to Six, and everywhere in between, Resident Evil just really loves mutating their characters.

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Forcefully injected with one of three special strains of C-virus. Mutates many times, including into a fly-like form and dinosaur-like form.Resident Evil 6
Injects self with one of three special C-virus strains after losing an arm. One of few protagonists to mutate.Resident Evil 6
Injects self with t-Abyss, then drinks t-Abyss. Looks similar to a tyrant.Resident Evil: Revelations
Unwillingly injected with a Plaga strain, becomes one of the largest monsters in the series.Resident Evil 5
Plunges fist through container of Uroboros after losing shirt via fan service/plane crash.Resident Evil 5
Resembled a humanoid tyrant. Able to maintain mind while having increased speed and strength. Resident Evil: Dead Aim
Injected self with one of three special strains of C-virus. Takes over an entire aircrafter carrier when mutated.Resident Evil 6
Injected self with t-Veronica. Went into cryosleep for fifteen years.Resident Evil Code: Veronica
Torso enlongates into what looks like a long spine. When separated from the legs, this mutated character becomes even more agile.Resident Evil 4
Injects self with Plaga sample as a last resort, gives away vital information in death.Resident Evil 5
After assassination, was fused with the Queen Leech. Somehow worked as a fountain of youth.Resident Evil 0
Flees after taking too much damage. Head splits open to reveal leech-like apendage.Resident Evil: Revelations
Was used as a test subject for t-Veronica. Went insane. Has a very obvious weakspot.Resident Evil Code: Veronica
Bursts into flame before becoming a Chrysalid. Resident Evil 6
Hand becomes a mutated 'wing', which is often used as a shield to block gunfire.Resident Evil 4
Infects self off screen. Has one notable tentacle, long and clawed.Umbrella Chronicles
Willingly injected self with G. Goes through various stages of transformation throughout the game.Resident Evil 2
Becomes somewhat spider-like, human body is still recognizableResident Evil 4
Was a guinea pig for Umbrella for many years, injected with several forms of the virus over time. Very hard to kill.Resident Evil 1
Fuses with another mutated creature to become a large, plant-like monsterResident Evil 4
Was given the T-virus as a health aid. Can be soothed by singing.Darkside Chronciles
Was used as a test subject for t-Veronica. Strong enough to fight the virus.Resident Evil Code: Veronica
Fuses with plant to become V-Complex. Wants to absorb everything to grow larger.Darkside Chronicles

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