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Those are some odd looking kernels....
'It's a graveyard smash!'
Something Iron Man, Superman, and the Green Lantern have in common.
It's fun to do to your little sister.
Harry Potter uses this to play Quidditch.
Edgar A. Poe knew of one. It loved to say 'nevermore'.
Need a good scare? Look for this attraction.
The Great Pumpkin rises out of a sincere one of these.
To Linus of Charlie Brown, it just might be great.
Dracula lives in one of these.
The month Halloween is in.
A fancy kind of coffin.
'Once upon a midnight dreary....'
According to Dante, it's got a lot of levels.
The real activity takes places at this time.
Got to say this if you want some treats.
The Holiday
Small chocolate balls can be made to look like these.
King Tut had one of these.
The reason most scary movies are rated 'R' these days.
Witches need a little of this for their spells.
The original vampire. (No, not Edward you silly fangirls :P)
There's a lot of flowers in this color this time of year.
When all the kids start to come out.
Brown, gooey, and gets stuck on your teeth.
If you aren't superstitious, they make good pets.
Not only does it describe something hideous, but it's also a ghost type pokemon.
Some can be wicked. And from the west.
Vampires can turn into one of these.
A zombie brought to life by lightening.
Another name for treats.
Washington Irving knows about this guy.
Supposedly, they don't have a brain.
Not just another TV show....
It makes Halloween more artistic.
Slime is this color.
Carnivals tend to have shows that are a little bit this.
It hates silver.
If angels are messengers of God, then these are messenger for Satan.
'Here's Johnny!'
Halloween is also called this.
Rhymes with 'night'
A male witch.
That which helps you see as you collect candy.
I'm not talking pizza here.....
If you get lost, at least you won't starve.
Hang on to your seat! We are moving at 5mph!
Roast these up for a yummy treat!
Texas had a one. It was involved in a massacre.
It can be used to describe people with names like, 'Mary', 'Gary' and 'Larry'
Although it sounds like something you do when you're eating, it's really a type of monster.
Wear this on Halloween night.
Eve gave this to Adam? I don't know, but I do know it's great with caramels!
It helps makes you look better with your costume on.
New Jersey has some of these.
Vampire's drink of choice.
'Gee' there's a lot of names for a ghost!
He doesn't just know scary, he wrote the book! Actually, he wrote several horror novels.
So many creatures have these. They resemble canine teeth.
There's no 'I' in 'Shrek'
Some people don't trick or treat. They go to one of these.
A cozy bed for the afterlife, or a vampire!
'I find your lack of original costume disturbing.'
It's a hot drink to warm you up.
Not just a lake by Michigan.
The color of pumpkins and fall leaves.
We all have this fate coming.
Not just what people do when afraid, but also a movie series.
No witch is complete without one.
This guy makes several creepy animated movies.
Well, you aren't going to carry that candy in your hands.
We all have one of these.
Like tarantulas, but smaller.
Not just under the bridge, but now in Hogwart's dungeon.
It's a word that describes something that's disturbing, or that stalker kid in your class.
It may look cute on your kid, but a lot of people are scared of these.
Halloween is in this season.
'I ain't afraid no _____!'
Gummy, sour, or real, people do eat these.
Little boys love to dress as this 'dark knight'.
A zombie is this, in a nutshell.
A place where the dead go.
A spooky place somewhere in Europe.
For Day of the Dead, they make these out of sugar.
Not just for birthdays.
They are like mice, but less adorable.
A famous horror movie actor. In Scooby-Doo, they called him 'Vincent Von Ghoul'
A generic name for a frightening creature.
What you trick-or-treat for.
Scary to us, but to an insect, it's home.
Halloween isn't always scary. Just ask this ghost.
Plundering is what they do best!
Ever hear of 'Four-Eyed Jack'? He was this.
The one who takes your soul.
R.L. Stine wrote this scary book series for young readers.
Well, if you aren't knocking, you'll need this.
I bet some of that candy is made of this.
The King of the pumpkin patch.
Ghosts tend to do this.

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