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After losing the path through Mirkwood,when the camera pans towards Bilbo and Dwalin, a third dwarf is seen climbing up to them and says the line 'It's got to be here', who is it?
What are the names of the two conceptual designers on the film
What is the name of the Laketown Woman who says this line about the dwarves,'Full beards, fierce eyes, I've never seen the like'
In the Extended Edition, when Gandalf introduces the company to Beorn, which two dwarves are the first to appear?
When Bilbo is searching for The Arkenstone, how many objects does he pick up before waking Smaug?
What colour hair does Tilda's doll have?
In the Extended Edition special features, it is said that John Bell, the actor of Bain grew a total of how many inches?
Complete this quote of Bilbo's, 'And through the air, I am he....'
What is the only bonus track on the Desolation of Smaug Special Edition soundtrack?
How many orcs are seen riding out of Laketown before Bolg battles Legolas?

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