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In the extended edition, at Rivendell, which dwarf is shown eating during the line: 'And they're surprisingly cultured'?
Which two ponies does Kili say have gone missing after Bilbo arrives?
After Gandalf arrives, what is the fist item of food seen being taken from Bilbo's pantry?
When he is first seen, what colour horse does Elrond dismount?
Who is the actor who plays the orc Yazneg?
Which three dwarves bury a chest of gold in the trolls' cave, as a 'long term deposit'?
Who says to Bilbo,'You can't reason with 'em. They're half-wits!'?
What is the name of the first song on An Unexpected Journey's soundtrack?
After escaping the Goblin Tunnels, Gandalf counts the dwarves, of which two does he say, 'That's 10'?
What is the name of the Hair and Make-up designer on the film?

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