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What was the name of Oromë's great horn?
What was the Sindarin name for the men of Númenór?
What was the name of the island where the memorial stone of Túrin, Nienor and Morwen stands?
What was the name men gave to Eärendil's ship, Vingilot?
What was Fëanor's birth name?
Which region of Beleriand was known as the 'Land of Seven Rivers'?
What was the answering cry to this shout of Fingon: 'The day has come! Behold people of the Eldar and Fathers of Men, the day has come!'
What were the colour of Lúthien's eyes?
What was the name given to Aulë by the dwarves?
To whom is Tolkien's letter at the beginning of the book, addressed to?

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