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The Resident Mammalistic ScroogeLearn to smile!
Makes All The Girls Swoon!I want my own smiley! :(
Deadpanned Member Who Hardly Knew HerI still don't know who Enforcer is.
Knowledgable 'Non-Believer'I wanna see him let down his hair.
Sweet and Lovely, Loves enanoSo nice, makes you feel good!
Flamboyant, Not-So-Secretly Loves No. 10Best Person Ever
desu desu aznCan't wait to see his Pokemans!
Handsome Middle-Eastern MetrosexualHe's got the personality to boot!
Mogi's MasterI think she was the first to ever PM me!
Hates No. 17Who's keeping score?
Wrote a Poem About HimIn retrospect, it kinda sucked.
Eco-friendly JewI tried Magenta and got punished for it. :(
He's Your Hot MomRye's sidekick!
Awesome Aussie With Nice Legs'What time do they open' is my new pick-up line!
Nice New YorkerHer accent is so cute!
Hates No. 16We all secretly fell for it.
EoFF's EnigmaA mystery...
Mad Brit In Position of PowerProbably the only reason I'm not banned.
Fruit-Loving Disney FanShe's a welcome part of my world!
Undpredictable Event OrganizerDream, Believe, Acheive!

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