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Can you identify the movies each pair of actors worked together on? All the movies have one word titles that begin with the letter S.

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Christopher Reeve & Margot Kidder
Keanu Reeves & Sandra Bullock
Tobey Maguire & Kirsten Dunst
Tom Hanks & Daryl Hannah
Mike Myers & Eddie Murphy
Kirk Douglas & Tony Curtis
Helen Slater & Faye Dunaway
Neve Campbell & Courteney Cox
Cary Elwes & Danny Glover
Richard Dreyfuss & Emilio Estevez
John Travolta & Halle Berry
Kurt Russell & James Spader
Bill Murray & Harold Ramis
Natasha Henstridge & Ben Kingsley
George Clooney & Matt Damon
Brad Pitt & Jason Statham
Sidney Poitier & Robert Redford
Michael Caine & Laurence Olivier
Woody Allen & Diane Keaton
Meryl Streep & Cher
Mel Gibson & Joaquin Phoenix
Paul Giamatti & Thomas Haden Church
Ursula Andress & Peter Cushing
Warren Beatty & Goldie Hawn
Alan Ladd & Jean Arthur
Richard Roundtree & Moses Gunn
Mel Brooks & Rick Moranis
Daniel Craig & Javier Bardem
Alfred Hitchcock & Cary Grant
Humphrey Bogart & Audrey Hepburn
Matthew McConaughey & Steve Zahn
Angelina Jolie & Liev Schreiber
Jonah Hill & Michael Cera
Michelle Pfeiffer & Robert De Niro
Bill Murray & Bobcat Goldthwait
Brad Pitt & Morgan Freeman
Nathan Fillion & Chiwetel Ejiofor
Al Pacino & M. Emmet Walsh
Demi Moore & Burt Reynolds
Adam Sandler & Téa Leoni
Dario Argento & Alida Valli
Daniel Craig & Christoph Waltz
Al Pacino & Michelle Pfeiffer
John Wayne & John Carradine
Jeff Bridges & Karen Allen
Dustin Hoffman & Samuel L. Jackson
Gina Gershon & Kyle MacLachlan
Melissa McCarthy & Jason Statham

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