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Can you name the Alphabetical Harry Potter?

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ClueCharacter or PlaceLetter
Ginny's PigmypuffA
Ron's Middle NameB
The Evil Deatheater Brother And SisterC
Everyone's Favorite House ElfD
He Wrote Dumblore's MemoriamE
Centaur Divinations TeacherF
Rowena Ravenclaw's DaughterG
Ron and Hermione's SonH
The Third Peverell BrotherI
Harry's BirthdayJ
Viktor Krum's Ex-Deatheater HeadmasterK
She Calls Ron Won-WonL
Full Name of the Transfiguration TeacherM
ClueCharacter or PlaceLetter
Tonk's First NameN
The Wandmaker of Diagon AlleyO
Percy Weasley's Girl FriendP
The First Defense Against The Dark Arts TeacherQ
Remus Lupin's Potter Watch Code NameR
Draco Malfoy and Astoria Greengrass' SonS
The Ministry Visitor's EntranceT
Old Toad FaceU
Bill and Fleur's DaughterV
Barty Crouch's House ElfW
Luna's FatherX
Hogsmeade Joke ShopZ

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