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Can you name the Misfit abilities as described in the Obernewtyn Chronicles?

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DefinitionMisfit AbilityKnown Characters with this ability.
The Ability to see spirit energy in people or beasts. Used to tell if someone is lying or ill.Luthen, Evander, Rally, Maire, Swallow, Darius
A rare sub-Talent. Combining beastspeaking and enthralling, whereby a Talented cannot only enter the minds of beasts, but can communicate on a level that's undetectable to humans.Gavyn
Rare. Healers that specialise in healing spiritual ailments, as beasts' spirits are more closely entwined with their physical forms.Darius
Ability to communicate mind to mind with beasts, using a combination of images and words.Elspeth, Alad, Khuria, Zarak, Lina, Jow, Gather, Rori, Valda, Hannah S, Hannah O, Aquilla (and the other Red Queens)
The use of Deep Probing to enter and manipulate/control other minds.Elspeth, Jes (probably), Matthew, Gevan, Domick, Miryam, Merret, Linnet, Daffyd, Hannay, Hari, Harwood, Kally, Lidgebaby, Gather, Orys, Rhianon, Rori
The ability to go beneath the conscious levels of the mind. Used in different ways by Coercers, Healers, and Futuretellers. This ability is needed for traveling the Dreamtrails.Coercers, healers, futuretellers, dream travellers.
The ability to read or project emotions.Dameon, Jik, Kella, Angina, Miky, Blyss, Kader, Feay, Lirra, Noha, Gilaine, Michael, Peter, Sikoka, Tash
The rare ability to release a combination of positive emotions and electronic impulses into a Talented mind, allowing the enhanced mind to reach its full potential.Freya
Rare sub-Talent. Emotional coercion. This can manifest uniquely e.g. visual illusions shared en masse.Dragon, Ariel, Lidgebaby
Telepathic communication over long distances.Elspeth, Ceirwan, Matthew, Daffyd, Gilaine, Aras, Zarak, Tomash, Wila, Sarn, Duria, Twyna, Vodred, Kader, possibly Selmar
DefinitionMisfit AbilityKnown Characters with this ability.
Non-mental ability. A way to communicate with beasts using a special sign language developed by Brydda Llewellyn. Brydda, other unTalents and Talents alike (especially non-beastspeakers).
The use of Deep Probing to delve so deep into one's own subconsciousness to be close to death, so one may see snippets of the future from the Mindstream. Hannah Seraphim, Maruman, Atthis, Maryon, Dell, Christa, Valda, Ariel's Nulls, Kasandas of Sador, Lyet-Sin, Rheagor, Gobor. Elspeth dabbles.
The use of Deep Probing and/or Empathy to encourage another person to heal physically and mentally. Also to siphon off pain and heal it within one's own body.Roland, Kella, Javo, Kader, Nerat. Elspeth and Maruman's bodies have also been taught how to self-heal automatically at an accelerated rate.
Non-mental Talent involving the concoction of healing remedies from herbs and other plants. Lynna Gordie, Katlyn Llewellyn, Maire, Darius, Radil, Misfit Healers
Rare sub-Talent. To direct a bolt of coercive energy powered by heightened emotions and adrenalin that can be so forceful as to kill.Elspeth, Jes (probably), Lidgebaby (in a round-about way)
Those who have some ability but can't use it intentionally without enhancement. This includes the ability to hold other people's Talents in one's mind, or having 'knacks' or 'luck'Rushton, Brydda, possibly Malik
Psycometry (just type that word). The ability to 'read' thought, feelings etc from books and places long after the event. (There is no official name for this in the series).Elspeth, possibly Selmar
The ability to defend one's mind against outside penetration. Some are born with natural protections, while others learn to create them. Can be used to suppress pain.Elspeth, Jes, Matthew, Dameon (emotional), Dragon, Malik
A slight psycho-kinetic power combined with machine empathy, which enables one to manipulate the workings of machines of the Beforetime.Elspeth (picks locks mentally), Analivia, Garth, Fian, Jak, Pavo, Zadia, Qwinn, Reul, Yokan.
A sporadic Talent - experiencing a dream that is true and is either of the past or will come to pass in the future. Can also be a sense of impending danger.Most Talented Misfits, as well as many otherwise unTalented. Elspeth, Selmar and Cameo are the first mentioned to do this.

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