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Can you name the words and 5-letter countries in this word ladder?

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Clue5-Letter WordRung
Hispaniola's western nation1
Ancient people of central Anatolia2
Acronym for Bay Area Teacher Training Institute3
Sheets of matted cotton or wool4
Backsides or cigarette remnants5
Gentle bats of a ball6
Litter's littlest ones7
Ancient Germanic alphabets8
Bluefin, skipjack, and albacore10
Spanish bathtubs11
Jamaican-brand grapefruit sodas12
Two-armed graspers13
Its capital is Nuku'alofa14
Afro-Cuban drum15
Zaire River, formerly16
Striped antelope or small relative of rung 1517
Microsoft search engines19
Used to test computer speed or track cellphone calls20
Clue5-Letter WordRung
Stomach aches21
Spanish breads22
Conifers or longs for23
Heaps or hemorrhoids24
Spanish batteries25
Sauteed, seasoned rice26
Spelling alternative of rung 2627
Season 10 Survivor locale28
Indian spinach29
Moabite king from Numbers 2230
Palm tree native to Java & Sumatra31
Spanish living rooms32
Epsom, bath, and mineral33
Inhabitants of Estonia, Latvia, or Lithuania34
Milkshake alternatives35
Small European island nation36
Sasha's big sister37
Spanish Mary38
Prefix meaning '10,000'39
Its capital is Damascus40

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