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Invention/InnovationEnter LetterInventor/Innovator (and hints)
Pioneer of modern blood banking & techniques for long-term blood plasma preservationA. Andrew Jackson Beard (After losing a leg on the job, his invention made this dangerous workplace activity much safer).
'Ice Cream Mold & Disher' - mechanical ice cream scoopB. Lonnie G. Johnson (A true Renaissance man, he worked as a Systems Engineer on NASA's Galileo mission to Jupiter AND invented one of the most popular toys in the world).
Hundreds of uses for the peanut including peanut butterC. Granville T. Woods (Alexander Graham Bell's company purchased the rights to his invention).
Famous [Name] Chocolate Chip CookiesD. Otis Boykin (His finger was on the 'pulse' of the nation).
Inexpensive portable leak-resistant Fountain PenE. Jack Johnson (As a famous heavyweight boxing champion, he 'tightened' his fist then 'loosened' his opponent's jaw).
First automatic refrigeration system for long-haul trucks and railroad carsF. Alexander Miles (Made a living mostly as a barber but his invention keeps us from getting 'clipped' when trying to reach the penthouse floor).
Pioneer of Open Heart SurgeryG. George Crum (Now you know whom to blame when you finish the whole bag all the way down to the 'crumbs').
Traffic Light & Gas MaskH. Mark Dean (Worked at IBM for over 30 years and holds 3 of the 9 original patents for the IBM personal computer).
Laserphaco Probe - a laser device used in cataract surgeryI. Alfred L. Cralle (Once attended the seminary which may have inspired his invention used to serve a 'heavenly' dessert).
'The Ball Method' - a successful treatment for Hansen disease (leprosy) using the plant extract, chaulmoogra oilJ. Valerie Thomas (Her invention may bring Tupac Shakur to the next Coachella Festival).
Improved WrenchK. Wallace 'Wally' Amos, Jr. (He was also a talent agent who would 'sweeten' up his clients by sending them his goodies).
Artificial heart pacemaker control unitL. Frederick McKinley Jones (Crispy, crunchy cucumbers cross the country from California to Carolina while keeping their cool).
Co-synthesized physostigmine - a drug used in the treatment of glaucomaM. Alice Augusta Ball (In 1914, she moved to Hawaii where the beneficiaries of her research lived in 'colonies').
Potato ChipN. Dr. Daniel Hale Williams (I wonder if he was 'hale & hearty' in his old age).
Illusion Transmitter - a device which produces 3-D optical images with applications used by NASA, in surgery & in the production of television and video screensO. Percy Lavon Julian (Also pioneered the industrial large-scale chemical production of progesterone & testosterone).
Super Soaker Water GunP. Dr. Charles R. Drew (Edward Cullen & Bella Swann are 'thirsty' to be his friends).
Automatic Elevator DoorsQ. William B. Purvis (His invention will be 'written' into the history books with the rise of text messaging & email).
Co-developed the Industry Standard Architecture (ISA) bus - allows peripheral devices like disk drives, printers, & monitors to be plugged directly into computersR. Garrett A. Morgan (He was only educated to the 6th-grade level, but that didn't stop him from creating 2 major inventions).
'Jenny Coupler' - a device that connects railroad cars together when they bump into each otherS. George Washington Carver (Where would jelly be without him?)
Synchronous Multiplex Railway Telegraph - a device that allowed moving trains and railway stations to communicateT. Dr. Patricia Bath (At a young age, she set her 'sights' on bringing light into her patients' lives).

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