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What is her older Italian greyhound's name?
What is her chihuahua's name?
What is her boyfriend's name? (2014)
Name one of the pop stars she has impersonated
Name the 1st video she made about 'what a girl's ___mean(s)
2nd one?
3rd one?
What is her Italian greyhound puppy's name?
What color did she dye her hair right after her 200th video?
What does she make when she wants to avoid someone?
How many 'things boys don't understand' vids has she made?
Name one of the two YouTubers she's collaborated with
According to Jenna, why would you be able to be around a girl for years and never hear her fart?
Turtle backpack turtle
What kind of shark does Jenna like to turn everything into?
According to Jenna, sneakers on a girl mean 'I'm so ___'
Jenna hates being a ______
Jenna claims that girls are phantom:
What job did Jenna use to have at a club?
What challenge/tag did Jenna create?
What restaurant does Jenna end up ordering from in her 'How Diets Work' video?
What is her real last name?
Which superlative did she win her senior year of high school? (Hint: she's embarrassed about it)
what color makeup does Jenna think says 'I'm a wh**e'?
what is her older Italian greyhound's favorite human food?
She admits to having ___ crushes on different celebs.
Jenna makes new videos every:

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