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Can you name the Bowling US Open champions?

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YearChampionRunner Up
1971Teata Semiz
1972George Pappas
1973Earl Anthony
1974Dave Davis
1975Paul Colwell
1976Jim Frazier
1977Bill Spigner
1978Jeff Mattingly
1979Earl Anthony
1980Earl Anthony
1981Mark Roth
1982Gil Sliker
1983Steve Neff
1984Guppy Troup
1985Wayne Webb
1986Frank Ellenburg
1987Pete Weber
1988Marshall Holman
1989Jim Pencak
1990Amleto Monacelli
1991Mark Thayer
1992Scott Devers
YearChampionRunner Up
1993Walter Ray Williams Jr
1994Parker Bohn III
1995Paul Koehler
1996George Brooks
1998Tim Criss
1999Jason Couch
2000Norm Duke
2002Patrick Healey Jr
2003Michael Haugen Jr
2004Brian Voss
2005Patrick Allen
2006Ryan Shafer
2007Wes Malott
2008Mika Koivuniemi
2009Norm Duke
2010Mike Scroggins
2011Mika Koivuniemi
2012Mike Fagan
2013Jason Belmonte
2015Dom Barrett
2016Marshall Kent

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