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Can you name the first names of these WWII political and military leaders?

Quiz Updated Sep 9, 2012

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PositionFirst NameLast Name
US Supreme CommanderEisenhower
Nazi Deputy FührerHess
Vichy France Chief of StatePétain
Spain Head of StateFranco
Nazi Field MarshalRommel
Nazi CommanderGöring
US GeneralPatton
UK Prime MinisterChamberlain
US PresidentTruman
US GeneralMacArthur
US PresidentRoosevelt
UK Field MarshalMontgomery
PositionFirst NameLast Name
Nazi Head of the SSHimmler
France Prime MinisterDaladier
Nazi FührerHitler
Soviet Union General SecretaryStalin
Italy Duce of FascismMussolini
UK Marshal of the RAFHarris
UK Air Chief MarshalDowding
Japan GeneralTōjō
Free French Forces Generalde Gaulle
UK Prime MinisterChurchill
Nazi GroßadmiralDönitz
US GeneralBradley

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