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Can you name the names and phrases that contain the word 'dirty'?

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You just have to ask yourself one question: Where have I heard this quote before?
Steve Martin & Michael Caine as rival con artists on the French Riviera
1998 Atlanta Falcon touchdown celebration
Third highest-selling AC/DC album
Michael Jackson hard rock song about a groupie
Founding member of the Wu-Tang Clan
The last scene of this 1987 Patrick Swayze romance will give you a lift
George Carlin routine and popular Sporcle quiz
Discovery Channel show in which host Mike Rowe finds himself in some messy situations
Radiological weapon
Board game that employs sexual double entendres
Famous line attributed to James Cagney, which he actually never said
Brad Pitt's hair color
Traditional cajun dish
Single by The All-American Rejects
This 1967 Lee Marvin film was an influence for Tarantino's 'Inglourious Basterds'
Second single from Poison's 'Look What the Cat Dragged In'
Expression for someone's secrets
Describing something that is carelessly done
'Take your stinking paws off me...'

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