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Name a Disney Princess who(se)...Answer
is awakened by a kiss
is computer animated
was not born a princess
was not born human
is crowned queen
defeats the villain in combat
is American
has no spoken lines for nearly half the movie
is not the main protagonist
has no parents shown on screen
was taken away from her parents as a baby
lives with both parents the whole movie
has no love interest
is not an only child
falls in love with the villain
kisses the villain
has magical powers
sings an Oscar-winning song
does not sing a musical number
dances a waltz
is transformed into an animal
has no ties to royalty but is still an official Disney Princess
never speaks to the villain
is shown in her wedding dress
hair changes color
mother is alive at the end of the movie
sings a song with the word 'dream' in the title
love interest dies then comes back to life by magic

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